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Volunteering at Ben’s Place


We believe in the power of giving back to the community. That's why we're proud to share our recent volunteering experience at Ben's Place, a local pantry located in The Basin dedicated to providing essential support to individuals facing food insecurity and mental health challenges.


Led by our commitment to social responsibility, our team dedicated four hours each to volunteer at Ben's Place.Β Our time at Ben's Place allowed us to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique struggles and triumphs. From pensioners to veterans, families with young children to people experiencing homelessness, we witnessed firsthand the breadth of challenges faced by our community members.


Through our volunteering efforts, we had the opportunity to provide tangible support to over 400 households who rely on Ben's Place for access to nutritious food and essential supplies. Whether it was stocking shelves, assisting patrons, or offering words of encouragement, our team members embraced the spirit of compassion and empathy that defines Ben's Place.


Founder and President, Liz Bullen, established the pantry in honour of her son, Ben, who was sadly lost to suicide several years ago. A focus for their group is supporting those with mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. These needs differ for each individual and can be complex, but they know how important food security is to people already struggling in other facets of their lives.

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