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19 Jan 2023

The Victorian Government has announced a new trial scheme for casual employees in eligible industries. Casual employees are those who are employed with no firm commitment from the employer to future ongoing work. Their hours are spasmodic and change and casual employees have the right to refuse shifts. On the flipside, these employees do not have any entitlements to paid leave.

However, the new incentive introduced may be looking to change this given the new world we now live in due to COVID-19. In certain industries, casual employees will be able to apply and be eligible to be paid 5 days sick leave or carers leave a year by the state government. The eligible industries are hospitality workers, supermarkets workers, supply chain workers, aged and disability carers, cleaners and laundry works and security workers.

It is up to the employee to apply themselves using the website link below. A form needs to be filled out to determine their eligibility and proof of employment provided such as: –
– A recent payslip;
– A signed letter of offer;
– The ABN of the business;
– Employment contract;

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