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New Construction Grant
19 Oct 2021

The Victorian Government has announced a new grant which will be paid to eligible construction businesses that were impacted by the two-week lockdown enforced in late September.

Eligible businesses must operate in metropolitan Melbourne or specific Victorian regional areas, have incurred costs due to the lockdown and not been able to operate remotely. The usual requirements of having an ABN and being GST registered with a turnover up to $10 million apply and like most targeted grants, there is a list of specific ABN industry codes which will be eligible. So businesses which are interested in the grant should check their ABN registrations now to ensure they list one of the eligible industry codes.

The grant will be $2,000 for non-employing businesses, while the grant ranges from $2,800 to $8,400 for employing businesses depending on the size of the business payroll. The grant is expected to be open in early November and further details can be found at the website link below.

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