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Changes to Long Service Leave
08 Nov 2018

Victorian employers need to aware of the changes that apply for employee’s long service leave entitlements which began on 1 November 2018. These changes have been made to add further flexibility to the leave system for employees and to make it easier for employees to accrue long service leave for parents. Here is a summary of the changes: –

  • An employee will be eligible to begin taking LSL after 7 years of continuous service with the one employer
  • An employee is able to take LSL in periods of 1 day or more rather than having to take it in a batch
  • An employee on unpaid parental leave will now be able to accrue long service leave for up to a period of 52 weeks unpaid leave. In addition, although parental leave after 52 weeks will not accrue and count towards service it will not break the continuity of employment
  • Where a business is sold and the goodwill is transferred from one employer to another, the employee is still considered to be working for the one employer (i.e. there will be no break in their service period)
  • If an employee is sacked or resigns but then goes back to work within 12 weeks of their employment ending with that same employer, then their service period is considered to still be continuous (i.e. their LSL service period does not start back at nil)

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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