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Investing in real estate – what needs to be considered?
18 Oct 2017

With the strong growth in property prices over the last 10 years and the low interest rates on offer, many people are looking at investment in property to increase their net wealth. In the appropriate circumstances and by investment in the correct property, this strategy can have beneficial tax consequences and create strong wealth gains. Unfortunately however, we have seen many instances where people have entered into property purchases that have caused nothing but grief and losses. So what needs to be considered?

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Choosing the right accounting software for your business
17 Sep 2017

Many small and medium businesses are unsure of what accounting software they should choose and what the differences are between those providers. More options are entering the market and there are many choices now available. Choosing the right software is crucial to ensure it does what you want in the most efficient way possible. Saving time on your administrative work can be invaluable and allows you to devote more time to your business or your family.

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Personal insurances
21 Aug 2017

Insurances are a part of our daily lives and most people would have some exposure to a form of insurance. It could be home insurance, car insurance or private health insurance. However many people fail to insure the most important part of their live – themselves.

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18 Jul 2017

1st July has come and gone and with its passing, the new superannuation regime has officially begun. For those with pension balances above $1.6 million you should have been contacted by your super fund and/or accountant and made an election and signed documentation to commute your pension balance above $1.6 million.

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Small Business Rollover Relief – new rules from 1 July 2016
11 Jul 2017

With the Federal Budget’s proposed changes to superannuation taking all the attention, many clients are not aware of an interesting new piece of legislation that commenced just over 12 months ago on 1 July 2016. These new regulations offer extensions to CGT exemptions that can apply to small businesses.

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Private health insurance – how does this help my tax?
13 Jun 2017

It is getting close to 30 June, and advertisements will flood the airwaves regarding getting private health insurance to avoid a large tax bill – but is this really true?

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